Should I…? A short memoir by Latissha Williams

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This book is a memoir of Latissha Williams’ life that is focused on key moments and events that communicate a specific message or lesson. These key moments are based on real-life events that have been stored in her mind and played over and over again. 

Should I do this? Should I do that? Come read about God’s sudden, calming presence in my moments of uncertainty and how I was sometimes shilly-shally about “Should I…?” reach out for and trust God’s Helping Hand.


2 reviews for Should I…? A short memoir by Latissha Williams

  1. Kurt M. Jordan

    This book should resonate with every believer. Should I…? is a familiar place we have all been. Latissha expresses her own experiences in such an honest overview of her life as a Christian.
    Kurt M. Jordan, author of Thoughts for a New Perspective

  2. Enda Jones

    S H O U L D I ….? is an up close and personal look into the author’s life. Latissha takes you on a journey while sharing a myriad of experiences from her childhood to present day. While sharing her story she addresses topics such as faith, hearing the voice of God, walking in your purpose and forgiveness.

    The question many of us have asked whenever presented with tough decisions in life is “Should I…?”. This book will help you see that God is with us even when we cannot see His hand moving in our lives. Reading this book will cause you to reflect over your own life and be able to rejoice even more in times of sorrow and victory.
    Enda Jones, Author & Founder
    Courage to Go Ministries

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